Shop Marketing: Engaging Your Audience

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In our November issue, we talked about digital marketing for collision repair shops. Promoting yourself online is an important part of any marketing strategy, but we wanted to share some other tactics to establish your brand and engage new and existing customers.

Build a Brand

Establishing a brand is an important place to start when you’re marketing your business. Consider creating a logo using fonts and colors that make your business recognizable, and make sure your signage, uniforms, and marketing collateral reflect that look. You should also work on your elevator pitch – a few sentences about your shop that highlight what sets you apart from other shops. Be prepared to talk about your business and the quality of your work wherever you go.


It’s important to have a presence in your local business community and make personal connections. It may sound obvious, but taking the time to invest in new connections will pay dividends in the way of new business and referrals. Consider joining your Chamber of Commerce, attending networking events in your area, or partnering with other local businesses to cross-promote your services.

Community Engagement

Being supportive of and involved in your local community is a win-win. You can support a worthy cause and get your shop’s name in front of potential customers. Think about organizations or charities in your area that need support. You can sponsor events like a 5k run or volunteer time or services for those in need.

Customer Relationships

There is no substitute for stellar customer service. When the quality of work and your consideration for the customer is top notch, you will win referral business as well as repeat customers. Stay in touch with former customers with email or other communications, and don’t be afraid to ask happy customers for testimonials or referrals.

These simple strategies will help you build relationships and keep your shop top-of-mind among potential customers. You can provide value to the community you serve and promote your business – the most important thing is to make the decision to get started and make the commitment to marketing your shop.