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Turn insight into action


Gain insights to help improve your DRP shop performance

Join some of the largest insurers and over 3000 repair shops in channeling insights to improve customer satisfaction. Use the power of CCC Scorecard to monitor DRP shop performance and turn insight into action.

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CCC Scorecard offers configurable dashboards in Management View, Coordinator View, and Shop View - so everyone has quick, easy access to the data they need to succeed.

  • Management View

    Provides claims executives with the oversight needed to direct territory managers

  • Coordinator View

    Gives territory managers the ability to monitor up-to-date data on DRP shops

  • Shop View

    Allows DRP shops to “self-manage” by viewing current shop metrics to analyze strengths and weaknesses

See what matters to you

CCC Scorecard offers insurers nearly 100 key performance indicators to pick from across four categories. Create configurable views to conveniently track performance metrics that matter most to you.

  • Estimating
  • Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Cycle Time
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Actionable Metrics

Cycle Times
Customer Satisfaction

Gain powerful reporting

Integration with CCC ® Analytics offers easy access to a variety of important metrics through CCC Scorecard.

  • Added Insights

    Integrated CCC ® UpdatePlus data allows for reporting on cycle time to help improve customer satisfaction.

  • Industry Benchmarks

    Shop performance is measured against industry benchmarks.

  • Detailed Data

    View performance trends over the past 24 months with the ability to drill down to metrics at a claim level.

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  • Accessibility

    Scorecard aggregates data on your DRP shops within existing CCC software, allowing you to view everything in one convenient place.

  • Efficiency

    Information is cleanly displayed in easy-to-read dashboards so you can quickly focus your attention on areas that matter most to you.

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Leverage greater insight to help boost DRP shop performance

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