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Discover the next generation of data sharing

Discover the next generation of data sharing

CCC Secure Share™An information superhighway for our industry

CCC Secure Share is a full-service secure messaging solution for the automotive industry that combines the new BMS standard with layers of additional security features. Learn more about how it works

  • Security
  • Control
  • Innovation

CCC Secure Share offers repairers, insurers, and app providers a powerful new set of data-sharing capabilities and benefits, including enhanced security, more control, and a greater potential for innovation.


Protect Your Data

Better protected data means greater peace of mind. Consider the difference in protection between the old EMS data transfer method and CCC Secure Share.

With EMS

  • No encryption or security logging for exported information
  • App provider has access to full estimate data and customer’s personal information
  • Data is not secure and susceptible to hacking

With CCC Secure Share

  • All data is encrypted during transmission with security logging
  • You specify which data to share with app providers
  • Data is safely stored in the cloud and can’t be saved to a less secure local disk
  • You’ll meet the requirements of your direct repair agreements

It allows the user to define what information they're going to share,
and do it in a way that's responsible on behalf of their customers.

- Erick from Fix Auto CollisionWatch the Video


It’s your data share it on your own terms

CCC Secure Share empowers you take control of your data sharing for smarter, safer transferring of information.

You have the ability to:

  • Enable complete transparency to the providers receiving your estimate data
  • Set filters to control exactly what data is shared
  • Instantly activate/deactivate data sharing any time
  • Easily access third party app providers

With Secure Share, I define who’s going to get access to my data. I define what data they’re going to get, and it opens up a world of opportunity.

- Erick from Fix Auto Collision


Discover innovative ways to build your business

CCC Secure Share opens up more possibilities than ever before. Providers can fast track innovative solutions that can help your business grow.

  • New Entrants: Streamlined data sharing encourages new entrants to the marketplace, allowing you to benefit directly from new technologies that can improve your businesss
  • More Enhancements: Cloud-based connection provides easy installation and support, facilitating a new generation of mobile/web/cloud apps
  • More Mobility: The cloud API means any device can access the apps from anywhere
  • New Efficiencies: App providers can connect to CCC’s network of over 19,000 repair facilities with one single connection eliminating data pumps and manual uploads

CCC Secure Share has impacted our speed to market 100-fold. It has made it really easy for shops to connect and acquire products on the fly.

- David from Myqciq.comWatch the Video

HELP GET EVERYONE CONNECTEDInsist on secure data sharing and ask your app providers to begin implementation today.

You can view existing app providers already using CCC Secure Share by selecting
Configure > CCC Secure Share from within CCC ONE.

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