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CCC Mobile Appraiser

When out in the field, your goals are clear: quickly capture information about the damaged vehicle and help the insured feel confident about the claims process. That isn’t easy when your hands are full of devices—cameras, phones and maybe even a laptop. And it doesn’t get any easier back in your office, when you have to manually transfer all of this information into your estimating system.

CCC Mobile Appraiser is a mobile app for field appraisers. It quickly and easily captures pertinent damage information right at the vehicle and wirelessly syncs that data with CCC™ Estimating.

Currently available for the Apple® iPhone®* mobile digital device, the CCC Mobile Appraiser app captures VINs and vehicle photos. Pictures are organized by VIN and wirelessly shared with the corresponding CCC Estimating work file, making them easy to access and review, and speeding the time needed to write a comprehensive estimate.


  • Obtain information right at the vehicle
  • Speed the estimating process
  • Reduce cost and complexity associated with the use of multiple devices
  • Gain customer confidence



*iPhone® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.