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Update Plus

Boost customer satisfaction with UpdatePlus

Connect with your policyholders on a whole new level with CCC® UpdatePlus — a solution that allows you to automatically send personalized text and email repair status messages to your policyholders, keeping them informed throughout the entire repair process.

Deliver an outstanding customer experience


    96% of policyholders feel they are kept informed throughout the repair process

  • More Engaged

    91% of policyholders understand the repair process better

  • Faster Cycle Times

    33% decrease in cycle time from ‘repair complete’ to ‘vehicle out’

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Join an extensive network of carriers & repairers

  • Trusted Network

    Some of the largest carriers in the nation, who collectively process more than 40% of overall annual APD claim volume, use UpdatePlus

  • Always Expanding

    9,000 repairers currently use UpdatePlus with more joining every day

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Bridge the gap between you & your policyholders

UpdatePlus is an integrated part of the CCC platform, you’ll be directly connected with your policyholders through collision repairers. Once a new repair order has been created or an arrival event is entered into CCC, UpdatePlus automatically begins sending a series of courtesy updates to your policyholders.

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