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Total Loss Care

Identify and process total loss claims faster and more efficiently.

CCC Total Loss Care is an end-to-end solution that provides insurers, drivers, and lenders with a single point of connection. Identify a total loss before an appraiser is even engaged. Obtain a lien payoff and title release in days not weeks.


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CCC now provides an end-to-end solution for handling a total loss claim, from FNOL all the way to lien and title resolution. The long-standing leader in auto physical damage claims, CCC has simplified the previously arduous task of processing total loss events.

Insurance carriers can now process total loss claims without friction, countless phone calls, or fax machines.

CCC’s solution provides an industry-first consumer self-service experience with a complete offering for managing lender payoff requests, letters of guarantee, and lien and title resolution. With almost half of total losses carrying a lien, the CCC system is able to connect digitally with participating lenders, providing a turnkey way for insurers to streamline their operations, reduce cycle time, and increase customer satisfaction.


Vehicle accidents are rare, and many consumers don’t know what to expect. With the Total Loss Care mobile experience, drivers can provide needed information to their insurer, stay up to date on the status of their claim via regular text messages, and engage quickly and easily to keep their claim moving at every step of the journey. Better technology enables a better consumer experience.

CCC Solutions related to Total Loss Care




Provides insurers with the ability to quickly obtain photos and information from a consumer to assist in the total loss valuation process. This self-service solution can reduce assessment time and eliminate the need for in-person appraisal.



Uses AI technology to identify likely total losses from self-service consumer photos, improving triage accuracy and operational efficiency.

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