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During the intake process, you have tough decisions to make about the state of the vehicle and how you can best support your customers. We can help.

You do a lot of information processing and decision-making during the intake process. Total versus repair. Appraisal source selection. Bodily injury causation. When you apply the right data at FNOL to these decisions, and others, a better, faster claims process follows.


Intake Solutions

Predictive MOI

Challenges at FNOL include identifying the appropriate channel for claim resolution without sacrificing accuracy and speed. Traditionally, insurance carriers have relied on form-based questionnaires and other manual means to manage these activities. While effective, these methods are not scalable.

Injury Causation

In a new offering, CCC’s Injury Causation solutions provide science-based software and services that help insurance carriers to better understand what happened in an accident, the severity of the collision, and the likelihood of occupant injury.

Open Shop

Insurance carriers have long worked with Direct Repair Programs (DRPs) to offer their customers options as to where they take their vehicles for repair. But consumer demand for choice and convenience has created the need to offer the consumer shops beyond the DRP network.

CCC Scheduling

CCC ® Scheduling helps offer a better customer experience with its flexibility in booking appointments and real-time text
and email notifications. Your appraisers will be able to stay in constant contact with their customers and easily schedule appraisals that are convenient to them.

CCC Express Claim

CCC™ Express Claim is a customer self-service method of inspection that provides your customers with a branded mobile app that lets them submit photographic evidence of vehicle damage. The quality of these photos is ensured by a Quality Assurance team before being uploaded to the CCC Claim Folder.