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Quick Chat

A Direct Line to Support

Providing customers with exceptional service, and timely updates, is required in today’s on-demand world.

With CCC® Quick Chat, insurance carriers can provide policyholders with assistance, as well as request information, through the convenience of text.

Build stronger customer relationships and accelerate the claims process with smarter communication today.


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A Convenient, Efficient Solution

From underwriting to coverage questions, policy to first notice of loss assistance, and claim servicing to payment inquiries – Quick Chat puts you in front of your customers when they need guidance.

Quick Chat offers:

  • Two-way, real-time texting capabilities
  • A clear, side-by-side view of customer conversation and account or claim details
  • Customizable scripts to deliver your consistent messaging at every customer touchpoint
  • Transcripts of conversations can be synched to your internal systems so all interactions are stored where you want it
  • Future access to additional ecosystem partners, uniting conversations with tow companies, repair facilities and other providers
  • Future integration with policy and claims systems eliminating time spent toggling between solutions

Become a trusted resource to customers while accelerating response time:


CCC® Quick Chat delivers a best-in-class digital experience for your customers.

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