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Settle and Restore

Communication is key in helping to restore and settle claims. You need to give your customers the real-time repair status information they want and continue the conversation after the repair.

Additionally, CCC provides salvage workflow and salvage reporting functionality which allows insurance carriers to send salvage assignments and get detailed salvage data.

Product Highlights

Repair Status

Leverage repair status updates provided by repairers to help improve customer service and streamline the workflow process.

Salvage Tools

Integrated within CCC™ Estimating, our salvage solutions consist of: 

  • Salvage Workflow: Provides insurance carriers with the ability to send salvage assignments from CCC’s estimating platform
  • Salvage Reporting: Provides detailed salvage data

CCC Estimate Share

CCC® Estimate Share, leverages the CCC platform to electronically transmit data and documents for an automated supplement review and streamlines the process. Avoid the need to make phone calls to request supplements.

CCC Payment Status

CCC® Payment Status enables insurers to quickly identify and manage delayed payments and proactively keep Direct Repair Program (DRP) and non-DRP shops informed of the payment status through timely automated notifications.

CCC Settlement Status and Total Loss Workflow

With CCC® UpdatePlus Settlement Status and CCC® Total Loss Workflow, you can help make your consumers’ claims experience better. Consumers receive status updates, which are automatically generated as your claims adjusters complete key actions in the Total Loss Workflow.