CCC ONE Repair Methods for Insurance

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CCC ONE™ Repair Methods for Insurance

Working with data from the major automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), CCC ONE Repair Methods is a fully integrated solution that embeds repair procedures data into CCC ONE Estimating. Now, all of the procedure information you need is available in one place.

CCC ONE™ Repair Methods—Easy Access to Comprehensive  Repair Procedure Information Appraiser’s access to advanced repair procedures is critical to estimate accuracy and ultimately repair quality. And now repair procedures can quickly and easily be accessed inside the estimate. No separate tabs, no separate websites, no separate data lookups—with CCC ONE Repair Methods for Insurance everything is just a click away. 
  • Fully Integrated application automatically gets utilized, unlike options that aren’t integrated. Busy appraisers will no longer miss critical data because they didn’t have time to search for it.
  • Automated Indicators tell an appraiser when OEM data is available and the type of data it is, so you’ll never have to search only to find that the OEM hasn’t published anything for the vehicle.
  • As part of the CCC ONE hosted solution, data is updated online, keeping information current and ready to use without the need for manual CD and DVD updates

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