CCC Connects Insurers and Policyholders Through Two-Way, Real-Time Texting

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CCC Connects Insurers and Policyholders Through Two-Way, Real-Time Texting with CCC Quick Chat

CCC Intelligent Solutions (CCC) announces the expansion of its digital customer experience offering to include two-way, real-time text capabilities. Available today, CCC® Quick Chat provides dynamic two-way texting to make it easy for insurers to engage with policyholders throughout the customer journey – from policy to claims and across all lines of business. In addition to offering enterprise capabilities, Quick Chat deeply integrates with CCC’s proven mobile and AI-powered claims solutions, enabling real-time text conversations across each phase of a claim, speeding the process while meeting the demands of today’s mobile-first consumer. Quick Chat is generally available for any insurer seeking enterprise texting capabilities and can be easily turned on for the nearly 100 insurers already live with CCC’s digital customer experience tools.

Market research shows that texting is the preferred communication method for customer support. Data from CCC supports the positive impact digital communications has on the consumer experience. Collision repairers that use CCC’s existing digital capabilities to communicate with consumers report increases in customer satisfaction scores. CCC supports more than 50 million digital interactions between shops and consumers annually.

“Texting is ubiquitous in our personal and business lives,” said Jason Verlen, senior vice president, CCC. “As consumer interactions with insurers continue to transition online and in apps, the ability to engage digitally, and in real-time, has become essential. Providing access to our proven mobile and AI solutions via two-way texting gives insurers a platform from which they can deliver a cohesive, personalized experience to policyholders. We’re excited to support insurers in the next step of their digital transformation.”

CCC Quick Chat supports two-way communications across the insurance enterprise, including coverage questions, claims servicing and status, and proactive notifications distributed to groups of policyholders. Insurers can also use CCC Quick Chat in claims, staying connected with policyholders throughout the claim lifecycle. Instead of phone-tag or waiting for email responses, insurers and policyholders can instantly connect via text, exchanging information or getting quick answers to questions. In the future, CCC Quick Chat may be extended to include two-way, real-time communications between insurers and collision repairers and other important business partners, creating faster and more efficient communications as parties work together to resolve claims.

Added Verlen, “Through our work with collision repair customers, we’ve seen the power texting can have on the repair experience. By connecting insurers and policyholders with Quick Chat we expect to see similar results.”

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