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A Repair Shop Marriage Made in Heaven

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Why It’s Important to Understand Your Shop Partners’ Workflow As a leader in CCC’s Solutions and Consulting Group, I have a broad view into the auto claims that CCC processes annually and the tools that enable this process. Our consulting group invests significant time each year working with our insurance carrier partners to help them […]

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Industry Trends with Susanna Gotsch – November 2017

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Increases in auto claim frequency have been a topic of great interest to all in our industry.  Numerous factors such as the following have been central to returning automotive claim frequency back to pre-recession levels.  An in-depth look specifically at miles driven data helps us understand why claim frequency continues to rise, but is rising […]

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Carwise Plugins for Body Shop Owners

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If you own an auto body shop, you know that repair appointments are the lifeblood of the business. If a potential customer has been in an accident, response time and speed are of the essence. At Carwise, we’ve launched 3 exciting and easy-to-use new plugins that make scheduling repair appointments instantaneous and painless for your […]

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