Broaden Your Network – Better Serve Your Customers

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Why limit the number of shops you can offer your customer, when you grant them a shop of their choice when they need it? Offer them the same level of customer care that you’d expect from a shop in your DRP. Our platform reaches shops outside of your network and helps you connect with them as though they’re part of your DRP network. Make the strength of our network your own, send and receive assignments electronically with no modification to your current process.

With over 21,000 shops connected to the CCC network you can rest assured wherever your customers might be, they’ll have a shop they can trust. We’re growing rapidly with more carriers opting to leverage the power of our open network every day. Open Shop is the nation’s best network, working for you. Learn more about the Open Shop solution.

Check out this Open Shop infographic for more information (click to expand):

Insurance Open Shop Infographic