Repairing the New Ford F-150

CCC Corporate / Collision Repair Newsletter /

The 2015 Ford F-150 rolled off the line in November 2014 with a revolutionary new design – anchored by the use of lightweight aluminum in the body and bed. The new materials and design mean that repairing this truck will require new and special repair procedures. To bring this repair data to shops, our CCC ONE® Repair Methods now includes repair procedure data for the Ford F-150, including the parts and labor times.

“Ford’s use of lightweight aluminum throughout the body and bed of its top-selling Ford F-150 received a lot of attention and generated important conversations about repairability throughout the industry,” said Mark Fincher, Vice President, Market Solutions, CCC Intelligent Solutions. “In the three short months since the 2015 F-150 entered the market, we’ve seen more than 400 estimates written in CCC ONE Estimating. Part price and labor time data were the first step, but making the repair procedure data available to our customers quickly was a top priority.”

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