Announcing Update Plus 2.0!

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CCC Intelligent Solutions is investing in new technologies to help you attract and retain more customers. CCC ONE Update Plus 2.0, available this June, will enable you to create appointments from within CCC ONE, email or text those appointment confirmations to your customers, and send automated appointment reminders.

This new feature allows you to take customer engagement to the next level, while also managing your estimators’ schedules more effectively.  Your customers will be notified via their preferred method of communication (e-mail or text) to confirm their scheduled time. Included in the notification is a link to your shop information that includes directions, hours of operation, shop photos, contact information and even reviews from Carwise.   On the day of their appointment, they will be sent a reminder to help ensure they make their appointment.

Not only does CCC ONE UpdatePlus 2.0 allow you to manage your schedule more effectively, but it also creates that modern customer experience that your customers have come to expect in interacting with other companies, whether it’s booking an airline ticket or ordering a pizza. Creating that high quality, digital experience with the first impression can help you capture and retain more customers.

Feeling ready to create an even better experience for your customers? Please contact your CCC representative today to learn more. Click here to watch a video demo on this new feature.