Identify High-Demand Parts with CCC TRUE Recover

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Recyclers typically sell 15-20 components in the first 180 days and struggle to sell more parts beyond that using traditional inventory methods. Often, the recycler is unable to identify and sell high value parts, which they may not know they possess. This is why CCC Pinnacle™ Yard Management has partnered with ACE/MCI, a 360 Solutions Company, to introduce TRUE Recover, a new feature available to all CCC Pinnacle customers.

With CCC TRUE Recover you can have better visibility into your vehicles and capitalize on high dollar commodities. Utilizing your vehicle’s VIN number, CCC TRUE Recover identifies high-demand parts, often without part numbers, at the point of MVR creation, inventory and dismantle. It does so by integrating with one of the largest buyers of used automotive parts and commodities and enabling an integrated electronic transaction upon completion of the dismantling process.

Our interface connects seamlessly with ACE/MCI, a 360 Solutions Company, one of the largest buyers and suppliers of used automotive parts in the world. Focusing on commodities, ACE/MCI seeks to maximize the value of these parts to improve the supply chain for both recyclers and remanufacturers. Simply contact Chris Comenzo at ACE/MCI today to set up your integration and begin getting the insights necessary to maximize the value of high-demand parts, while speeding up vehicle turns and lowering return rates today.