Stay in Touch: Improve Your CSI Scores

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CCC ONE UpdatePlus

How do you ensure that each customer has a positive experience with your shop? You’re already providing high quality repairs and service, but did you know that regular communication with your customers can significantly increase your CSI scores?

According to a survey by JD Power & Associates, satisfaction is considerably higher when customers have updates “pushed” to them. When customers receive proactive updates via phone calls, email, or web, their overall satisfaction is 41% higher than when they receive no updates, and 21% higher than when the customer initiates the conversation.

CCC ONE Update Plus Status pushes personalized, automated updates to your customers via text or email. And at the end of the repair, CCC ONE Update Plus CSI sends a survey to provide you with immediate feedback on your customer’s experience.

The primary goals of these solutions are to help you be proactive and responsive to your customers, deliver the best customer experience possible, and ultimately improve your CSI scores.

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