CCC to Deliver Keynote Address at AI World Conference in Boston

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A leader in AI solutions for P&C insurance, CCC will discuss the impact of AI within the insurance enterprise and the realities of delivering an end-to-end digital claims experience to policyholders.

CCC Intelligent Solutions (CCC) will be delivering a keynote address at next week’s AI World Conference in Boston, MA. During the session, CCC will discuss how AI is transforming the insurance industry and how insurance organizations and consumers are adapting to the changes. The keynote address is scheduled for Monday, December 3rd at the Seaport World Trade Center. CCC is a leading software as a service provider to the automotive, insurance, and collision repair industries.

“Mobile technology, digital photos, and AI are turning the claims process on its head,” said Jason Verlen, SVP of Product Management for CCC. “These technologies are permeating nearly every aspect of our lives, and now it’s the insurance industry’s turn to benefit, both operationally and in its ability to deliver on consumer expectations for a smart, digital claims experience. The transformation before insurers isn’t without its challenges. The implementation and execution of AI are complex, but the value can’t be overstated.”

Key points to be covered in the keynote, include:

  • How enterprises can build and access the right data, resources, and tools to implement AI efficiently and effectively.
  • Best practices for combining human and machine to create opportunities for insurers to deliver differentiated claims experiences to their customers.
  • How mobile, AI, and IoT (telematics) is, and will continue to transform the 100-year-old auto claims process into a digital journey for insurers and policyholders.

About CCC’s AI Solutions

CCC offers a suite of industry-first digital claims solutions that use AI, mobile, photos, and telematics and are powered by the CCC ONE™ Platform, a cloud-based hyperscale platform built for the massive-scale demands of today’s business environment. CCC Smart Total Loss™ uses a single photo to help an insurer determine in real time and with a high degree of accuracy whether a vehicle is repairable or a total loss. The Damage Detection solution uses computer vision technology to automatically detect vehicle damage and visually depict that damage using CCC’s unique heat maps, and Virtual Inspection makes claims assets—like AI photos and heatmaps—easy to use and manage for fast, convenient, and highly confident deskside inspections. CCC Smart Audit™ delivers additional efficiencies by applying photo analytics and AI to flag line-level items which appear out-of-norm vs. industry averages and intelligently routes claims for reinspection.

Nearly 200 million automotive claims have been processed using CCC products and services, and its solutions are in use by more than 350 carriers, 24,000 repair shops, OEMs, and third-party data and service providers.

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