One Million Reviews on Carwise

CCC Corporate / Carwise /, CCC’s body shop review platform, has reached one million customer-written reviews!  Since its 2012 launch, Carwise has been making it easy for your customers to get real-time updates on their vehicle repairs. Carwise has since expanded to include a CSI platform that allows you to send automated surveys to customers, allowing only real customers access to write reviews on your shop. 

With our growing popularity, we’re on track to reach 2 million reviews before this time next year! So, as we celebrate this milestone, we wanted to take a look back on the road that led us here.


Customer reviews are known to have a big impact on purchasing decisions, including restaurants and attractions, and body shops are no different. By activating your profile in Carwise Shop Finder, you too can provide potential customers with helpful information about your shop like hours of operation and reviews.   Click here to learn more about how to get found with Carwise.